Chypre rouge
Chypre rouge

Chypre rouge

Eau de parfum

Chypre rouge, a soft, bewitching and deep perfume in Serge Lutens' Flacon de table collection.
Notes: Oak moss, resins, labdamum cistus
Chypre rouge

Chypre rouge

Eau de parfum

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75 ml
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A walk in the forest, a disconcerting dream? Serge Lutens opens the doors to Bluebeard’s castle. In Tiffauges forest, the oak moss is already flushed with crimson. On this base of crimson velvet, blood prepares to flow!

"The portcullis is down, the drawbridge up. Gilles de Rais, alias Bluebeard, has returned to his castle. Soon, blood will stain the moss of Tiffauges Wood! Originally, the name of this chypre fragrance included the country of provenance, whose inhabitants used to scent their homes by hanging small "sachets" of cistus leaves and oak moss from wooden rafters."

Rounded shoulders with an apothecary stopper, this iconic Palais Royal bottle contains the perfumes of a collection sold only in our most prestigious shops.

In his now iconic olfactory creations, the perfumer Serge Lutens has for over 20 years been producing strong alcohols with Proustian accents. From “Féminité du bois”, to “Ambre sultan” and “La fille de Berlin”, each perfume tells their own exceptional story and has their own unique signature.

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