La vierge de fer
La vierge de fer
La vierge de fer
La vierge de fer
La vierge de fer
La vierge de fer

La vierge de fer

Eau de parfum

La vierge de fer, a fresh, sweet and metallic perfume from Serge Lutens' Collection noire
La vierge de fer

La vierge de fer

Eau de parfum

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La vierge de fer
La vierge de fer

Serge Lutens presents us with an image of the mystical iron maiden and invites us to dig deep into our inner soul to find the lily hidden behind the thorns.

"The religion of iron needed a Virgin, and the Virgin, a lily.

“Have you smelt it?”

“Yes, I have.”

“And how is it?”

“As striking as the fleurdelis seal on the arm of a criminal.”


“And deep down, as itchy as a hair shirt on the skin. In fact, a sublime torture!"Serge Lutens

A perfume line created by Serge Lutens in his own image. Minimalist, straight lined, angular and uncompromising, each of these bottles with their refined style reflects the exacting nature and character of their creator. A sobriety which enhances the richness and sumptuousness of the perfumes, whose scents and colours are as numerous and as nuanced as precious stones and our personalities.

In his now iconic olfactory creations, the perfumer Serge Lutens has for over 20 years been producing strong alcohols with Proustian accents. From “Féminité du bois”, to “Ambre sultan” and “La fille de Berlin”, each perfume tells their own exceptional story and has their own unique signature.

Perhaps even yours?
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